Mark McKenna

mark mckenna headshotFrom a young age I’ve been fascinated by wildlife. As early as I can remember my family would travel to some of the most beautiful places like Glacier National Park and Waterton Park in Canada.

And it was on those outings that I saw my first grizzly bear, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat. As I’ve grown older, my passion has increased to not just seeing wildlife but to capture them with my camera so that I can paint them.

Some of my favorite memories have come from spending a lot of time seeking out all kinds of critter, and being able to experience them in their natural environments.  One of my greatest goals with my art is to bring out each subject’s individuality, life and energy.

I absolutely love bold brushwork and rich paint texture, and I feel it’s important to portray my subjects with that kind of energy and volume, so that it lends more naturally to reality, as opposed to a thin, textureless surface, devoid of the excitement and energy that a lot of paint can create.

I also love light and its effects. A subject portrayed in strong dramatic light can almost seem to breathe. So, I strive as often as possible to capture and portray light in my work. There is enough darkness in the world, we need more light!

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