Jason Sacran

image of Jason Sacran“The Lord has given me this talent, ability and passion to create and make paintings. I want to acknowledge Him, and give honor, glory and thanks for these blessings. May I always remember – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

With that said, I am a contemporary representational painter, working primarily outdoors. I paint what catches my interest in the moment. This could be almost anything; an orchestration of shapes, color contrast, light and shadow patterns, a mood or atmosphere, a subject I have never tried, or a subject I enjoy, etc.

I am drawn to paint places and things that say something about the day and time I live in now. Although my work is not necessarily subject driven, I find myself painting the overlooked and simultaneously familiar aspects of everyday life – scenes we pass by but rarely take the time to fully consider.

In the chaos of daily life, I believe we all take the simple and familiar for granted. Sometimes it is these quiet unadorned places that make the most worthy subjects.

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