Dustin Van Wechel

Painting wildlife provides a well of opportunity to communicate not only my personal experiences and perceptions of my subjects but also provides a window into understanding what moves me as an artist and who I am as a person. I choose to paint wildlife because this is what gets me most excited about painting. I find inspiration everywhere, but it’s in wildlife and landscapes where I am most driven to paint.

In February of 2002, Dustin Van Wechel left a successful 8-year career in the advertising industry to pursue his life-long passion, fine art, full-time. Since then, Dustin has earned numerous distinctions including the 2018 ‘People’s Choice Award’ and the ‘2015 Premier Platinum Award’ at the Buffalo Bill Show.

He has twice been the recipient of the ‘Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award’ at the Masters of the American West Show in 2022 and 2015. At the 2006 Arts for the Parks competition, he was awarded both the ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Teton Lodge Company’ awards.

He has also been featured in several leading art publications such as Art of the West, Western Art Collector Magazine, Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, and Drawing Magazine.

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