M C Poulsen

An artist’s career is an individual creative journey.  Ever since I was a young boy my passion was always drawing and that passion has never changed.  It has developed into a lifetime joy of doing exactly what I have always wanted to do… paint.

But it has never been just about painting.  The interaction with other artists, clients and art lovers who have become good friends meld with the allure of the art world. Artistic expression is individualized.  I learn from other artists.  I taught a Masters Art Class at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for 9 years.  Learning from the Masters or your favorite artists is a lifelong education. There is always more to inspire.

For years I have participated in Museum shows across the country and painted portrait commissions for places like the Pentagon, Johns Hopkins and the Native American Smithsonian.

My recent inspiration for the past 14-15 years has been my project “Painting the Waterfalls of Yellowstone”.  This project resonated with me from the moment I listened to a presentation on Yellowstone Waterfalls at the BBCW.  This project has been the highlight of my career and the adventure of a lifetime. Trekking and packing into the backcountry of Yellowstone where few choose to wander is like taking a walk with God.

This project has been sponsored by Yellowstone Forever, PBS and numerous outdoor retailers.  The first show opened at the Booth Museum in Cartersville Georgia.  A portion of this show is currently at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

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