Michael Malm

michael malm pictureSince a young age, Michael Malm has embodied a passion for creativity and the arts. At 18 years old he enrolled in the fine arts program at Dixie College in St. George, UT to study under accomplished painter Del Parson.

Throughout his formal education, Michael was also privileged to study under recognized artists such as Perry Stewart at Southern Utah University and Glen Edwards at Utah State University.

Following the completion of his Master’s Degree, Michael focused on both securing individual commissions and creating relationships with galleries across the Western United States.

His work is now regularly showcased in galleries throughout Utah, California, Montana, and Oregon. Michael believes that consistent study and practice has been key to his development and refinement as an oil painter.

He has sought and been accepted to study with master painters such as Richard Schmid, Burton Silverman, Daniel Gerhartz, Quang Ho, Ron Hicks, Michael Workman, and Jim Norton. His study under many great artists has allowed him to sharpen his passion and focus on figurative work. Michael has hosted many of his own workshops from various studios including his own.

Michael has created a wide portfolio of work. On several occasions he has been hand-selected to participate as a member of specialized teams in the creation of large public murals. He has also been the leader of such professional teams. His work has taken him across the United States and even overseas to complete on-site projects and further his study.

Michael lives in Northern Utah with his beautiful wife, Juanita, sons Dallin and Mitch, and daughters Olivia and Ella.

“My purpose in painting is to communicate the emotions and beauty that I experience to the viewer with the hope that the painting will trigger a similar emotional response in them. Ultimately, I hope my work uplifts and inspires.”

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