Rett Ashby

rett ashby headshotRett Ashby was born in 1961 in the small town of Rigby Idaho and soon after relocated to Roy, Utah. His earliest artistic influence came from his mother, Sandra Ashby, a professional watercolorist, from whom he learned the basics of fine art.

Rett continued his education in art throughout grade school and into college at Weber State University and Utah State University. He studied with Artists such as Harrison Groutage, Glen Edwards, and LeConte Stewart. Rett is constantly studying his influences (Schmid, Hullings, many old world masters, etc.) and continues to experiment and hone his own style.

​“As I paint, I recall memories from my youth, visiting relatives and playing in barns and old houses. I enjoy the history of old houses in the rural west and researching the history of those who lived there. My oil paintings represent this history, both my own and that of others, as I strive to capture the fundamental beauty that is inherent in these rural lands and structures.”

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