Yun Wei

portrait of Jun WeiYun Wei is a representational painter who uses traditional oil painting techniques in all of her work.  Yun was born in TianJin, China. After graduated from TianJin Academy of Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting, she began teaching at the Fine Art High School of TianJin.  From 2003 to 2008, she worked as a professional artist for several galleries in New Zealand and Australia.  In spring of 2008, she moved to the United States and then traveled with her family around the world for a few years. She currently has a studio in Eastvale, California.

I have been inspired by the Dutch Golden Age still life artists such as Willem Kalf and Willem Claeszoon Heda since high school. Throughout my art career I have always been so obsessed with the traditional painting technique. Every time I stand in front of a master’s painting I always try to see and think deeply through the layers of the painting.

I believe that the beauty of art is emotional so I strive to paint elegance and calmness into my work using objects such as antique china, musical instruments, and arranged flowers. As time passes, I hope that the message and effect of my work will be preserved.

I am so grateful that I was trained as a classical artist and I hope to learn until the last moment of my life. I aspire to give my audience the same elegance and calmness that I paint into my work.

“Art in not what you see, but what you make others see. “­— Edgar Degas

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