Scott Rogers

image of scott rogersScott resides in Logan, Utah. His studio is located in Paradise, Utah. He loves this quiet peaceful place to do his work. Scott is a sculpting artist, specializing in creating unique ‘Old West’ and ‘Americana’ themed sculptures.

Scott sculpts using clay as his medium and casts these pieces into bronze. Working with the foundry, he inspects each piece, multiple times, as they make their way through the casting process. Scott uses the patina to bring out the spirit of each individual sculpture.​

Though most of his work is inspired, sculpted and then sold, Scott does consider monumental commission work. His recent completion of an eleven man 1890’s football team monument (7′ H x 12′ W), only enhanced his love of working on a very large scale.

In his own words, ” Whether a piece be small or large, I love seeing a sculpture silhouette make an impact from a distance. To see a work of art, I created, having visible effect on a viewer, is humbling. ”

Scott, Janette and Max (the Shitzu keeping watch over the valley) love living in Cache County, Utah surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains. It is mostly ‘family stuff’ in our down time. It is all about the ‘Gardeners Market’ in the summer and Janette deciding which herbal tea to drink in the winter and what to sew next. Scott takes regular salmon fishing trips to Alaska with his father-in-law, and thrills at beating him in chess.

Together, we love collecting art. Janette is a ardent quilter/sewer, loves dinner with family and friends, and dotes on the kids and grandkids. Art fills our lives on all fronts, from architecture and landscaping, to vacations, food, random people walking down the street to pillow talk.

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